WINTER EP - Liner notes

Winter EP is a 4 song journey that lands softly on the ears like snow to a pine tree. It begins with Aurora, a haunting track written in the company of a good friend in Haines, Alaska who inspired the track and sadly passed before its completion.

Waiting on a Storm inspired by a trip to the promised land of Hokkaido, Japan. Freedog came up with the groove while strumming/jamming at a restaurant in celebration of his friend’s birthday in Saporro. It eventually turned into a song about life on the road waiting for the next storm to come.

Pray For Snow is a brief glimpse of the changing climate in Freedog’s hometown Park City, Utah. Growing up it never rained here in the Winter and now it happens all the time. Living in the mountains gives us a front row seat to climate change and how it has affected temperature and weather patterns. 

Last Wherever We Go, is a rock & roll assault about getting a dopamine hit from wherever you go. Compliments of recording with the finely tuned rock & roll machine, The Band of Heathens, Freedog sends it and lets the band rip, finding their own source of dopamine.  Winter EP bathes the listener in a sphere of tone and flavor crystals and self expression from life on the road searching for dopamine. 

the crew

Gordy Quist: Producer

Trevor Nealon: Keyboards

Jesse Noah Wilson: Bass Guitar

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Scott Davis: Electric Guitar

Amp Room at The Finishing School

Down time vibes


Freedog (aka Bryon Friedman): Music, Lyrics, Acoustic Guitar

Producer: Gordy Quist

Bass Guitar: Jesse Noah Wilson

Drums / Percussion: Richard Millsap

Electric Guitar: Scott Davis

Keyboards: Trevor Nealon

Engineer / Mixing: Steve Christensen

Mastering Engineer: Frederic Kevorkian

Studio: The Finishing School - Austin, Texas

Album Artwork Photography: Freedog on a backcountry ski touring mission with a few furry friends.

Album Artwork Creative Direction: Leigh Masters

behind the scenes

Jesse Noah Wilson laying down a Bassline for an unreleased track.

Trev tickling the ivories on a Wurlitzer piano for part on an unreleased track.

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