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A music video docuseries that takes viewers and listeners on a journey to remote locations, showcasing the beauty of nature, natural acoustics and the power of music in Far Out places.

shows / schedule

  1. Jul 12

    Offset Summer Biergarten Series Park City, UT (City Park)
  2. Jul 24

    Utah Olympic Park Park City, Utah


It's been my nickname since I was 12. Can't believe I didn't change it sooner.

Gordy Quist, he's a founding member of the Band of Heathens and a great dude! He also happens to be my freshmean year roommate from College.

Although I was professional skier and love skiing Surfing is my favorite.

Trick question...both

During the pandemic I learned to bake and have a pretty mean sourdough bagel recipe.

I'm obsessed with Khruangbin and Skinshape right now. I'm also loving new Taylor swift album Midnights.